Monday, December 12, 2011

Chicken Salad in Honey Mustard Dressing

This salad is just delicious. We had it for dinner tonight and I know we will be making this again next week. It's so fresh and filling. Really really tasty. This will also work with any LEFT OVER turkey from Christmas :) Even better!

Serves 4

450g potato wedges
2 heads baby gem, shredded
6 strips streaky bacon or parma ham, chopped
300g cooked chicken/turkey, sliced
Ready made honey mustard dressing

Cook the wedges in the oven until crispy

If using bacon, fry until cooked and then chop

You can prepare two ways

* You can toss the chicken/turkey in the dressing
Mix the salad leaves and wedges
Top with the chicken and ham/bacon

Or you can do what we did which tasted amazing but is less "fancy" for guests

* Everything in a bowl, add about half a bottle of dressing and give it a gentle
toss with your hands.

Everyone enjoyed this and it's such an easy meal with very little cooking!

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